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Security and freedom without compromise

Frameless glass and security shutters work hard to be nearly unseen. Framing a beautiful view while still keeping inside safe. Safe from the elements and safe from danger.

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Frameless Glass

Frameless glass doors are ideal for patio or balcony enclosures where protection from the elements is needed without compromising your view. Designed and tested to withstand very high winds and rain, it can be used as a connection between the interior and exterior spaces. Frameless glass also has many other applications, such as a modern office partition, room divider etc.

SF25 Slide and Turn SF20 Multi Sliding System

Security Shutters

Why security shutters you may ask? Quality security shutters are manufactured from aluminium and provide both privacy and light control as well as being a security barrier that is accepted by insurance companies. Security shutters offer all the functional benefits of both burglar proofing and light control products in one beautiful combination. Why compromise between security and beauty?

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Timber Shutters

We are proud and excited to present our Timber Shutters … The range has a uniform, slim-line appearance which can easily replace drapes, curtains or blinds – this can only add value to your property. They are made from real wood – light in weight and colour, but durable. There-after laminated in an engineered white finish, secured with a quality primer. There is a choice of two design types, with unique fixtures that make this range beautiful and adaptable to most home designs and trends. We offer a 2-year guarantee, subject to manufacture’s terms and conditions.

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