The SF25 System is ideal for patio or balcony enclosures where protection from the elements is needed without compromising your view. Designed and tested to withstand very high winds and rain, the SF25 system may also be used as a primary door to create open plan living areas and a connection between the interior and outdoors. Individual, unconnected sliding panels allow homeowners to easily vary the configuration to effectively control airflow. The slimline profile of SF25 stacks away neatly without taking up unnecessary space. Systems are fully customisable, able to stack inward or outwards, to slide around curves and corners and come with a number of floor track and handle options.



The horizontal running mechanism of the SF25 allows for the glass panels to be operated through any angle between 90° and 180°. The direction in which the SF25 Slide and Turn System opens can be chosen as required.


The SF20 Multi Sliding System has many applications. Use it as a patio or balcony enclosure system where protection from the elements is needed without compromising your view, or customise it as a modern office partition, room divider, or door solution for open plan seamless living. With slimline profiles and a floor mounted construction, the SF20 can be retrofitted easily without overhead structural support. Panels are joined together through integrated followers and this combined with double low-wearing ball-bearing carriages allows for large areas to be opened or closed off with ease.



Why security shutters you may ask? Quality security shutters are manufactured from aluminium and provide both privacy and light control as well as being a security barrier that is accepted by most insurance companies. Security shutters offer all the functional benefits of both burglar proofing and light control products in one beautiful combination. Why compromise between security and beauty? Why settle for having to secure your views with industrial looking products that offer zero light control or privacy and thereby forcing you to spend on drapes, curtains or blinds as well. The Blockhouse shutters patented design, 35mm frame, reinforced louvres and attention to quality reinforces the security offering. Our industry leading powder coating, array of design options and easy operation reinforce the beauty and quality of the ultimate light control and privacy tool – shutters.